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A Little Girl, A Little Coin, A Great Value

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Adding Value
In business, the quality of value you consistently offer to your customers will either keep you in business or lead you to the exit door.

Quite often, it is not the quantity of goods or services you offer that matters. It is the quality; the value that your good or service adds to the recepient (the customer). At different stages of life, career, and business, different people have paid so little to receive a great reward. This concept freaks out the get-rich-quick type of entrepreneurs; they don’t understand it.

Take a look at the video below…

What lessons can you learn from reflecting on what you just watched?

The little girl offered some coins to the lead Orchestra, and the music started. It looks as the Orchestra’s business model allows him and his choir to deliver so much value to the little girl regardless that she paid just in coins.

Here’s what could have happened…

The lead Orchestra could have thought in his mind; “Wait a minute, if all the Dads and Moms standing here could not offer a better price for our service, we will certainly wow this little girl for taking the risk of trusting us to serve her.”

In business, focusing on delivering consistent value, and wowing the customer is the one strategy that can create trust, sustain customer relationship, and grow your company. You can not build a profitable business by focusing on how much you can get from the customer today. It doesn’t just work. I hope this thought would guide you as you build your life, business, or career to the next level.

I thought I should share this piece of video to give you a little inspiration to keep on adding incredible value.

Take good care.

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