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Effective Time Management Tool for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs time management tool
Did you know that your perception of TIME has so much impact on your performance and result? People who focus on RESULTS have a different approach to performance than those who focus on Time and Effort. Let me explain.

Traditionally, people whose time system is based on Time and Effort often have rigid work hours. What they do today looks pretty much the same as what they will do five or ten years from today. These people are trapped in bureaucratic organizations and activities, where a great majority of them do the same job for 40 years or more.

The Entrepreneurial Time Technique is different. First introduced by Dan Sullivan, it focuses on helping entrepreneurial individuals to maximize their results. They achieve that by organizing their capabilities and resources to add more value in the marketplace and make a maximum impact within a short period of time.

Mastering the Entrepreneurial Time Management Tool

Entrepreneurs time management tool

As you can imagine, this concept does not depend on your ability to work long hours of hard work. Instead, it allows you to organize your entire time into three distinct days – Free Day, Vision Day, and Clean-Up Day.

A Free Day is a day that you are free from any work activity. The purpose is to rejuvenate your thinking so you can perform at maximum capacity on your Vision Day. A Vision Day is a day you leverage your capabilities and resources to focus only on your money-making activities. Those are activities that generate the largest revenues to the business. You use your Broker Days for routine house-keeping including preparation, and team meeting towards an effective Vision Day.

If you want to achieve a sustainable growth in business and live exceptional quality of life, begin to think differently about how you spend your time. Traditionally, entrepreneurs believe that Hard Work = Success. They spend so much time executing one activity or another that they barely enjoy. There is a better way out. Spending quality time to create a clear vision of where you want to be will improve your time management capability. You would be able to gain a clearer view of the most important goals, aspirations and values you want to bring to your world, and think creatively about how to bring them alive.

Until you have a vision that you can “die for,” you might not be able to maximize your time management skill. Once you have a compelling vision, divide your weekly activities into 3 days as discussed above and follow through. At The EntreCoachâ„¢ Program, we discovered that entrepreneurs who manage their time that way produce the most results.

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About the author

Since 2010, Nkem Mpamah has been assisting entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to improve performance, create sustainable competitiveness, and maximize profit. Nkem is the founder and Chief Executive of Cognition Global Concepts (CGC).

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