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Coaching for performance and job satisfaction in Nigerian Companies

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Coaching for performance
Coaching for performance can incredibly accelerate productivity and job satisfaction at all levels of the organization. Leaders who practice coaching can easily increase productivity and job satisfaction at all levels of the organization. Coaching for performance drives sustainable growth by helping employees to develop increased level of confidence through goal setting, disciplined execution, and job ownership.

On the other hand, a mediocre leadership team can drive an entire organization into bankruptcy. In such organizations, employees go to work simply because they have to.

Over the past seven years, I have had the opportunity of working with some great leaders to streamline their performance and accelerate growth. In this post, I’m going to share one idea that can help organizations develop high-performance capability, increase productivity, and create greater job satisfaction.

Coaching for performance

Coaching for performance is the easiest intervention for maximizing employee’s performance and job satisfaction. Unlike traditional management that thrives on “telling employees what to do,” a coaching for performance culture helps line managers to spend quality time listening and constructively giving individualized feedback on the subordinate’s performances.

The absence of coaching for performance can turn an organization into an average business. Let’s consider the traditional annual appraisal system for a moment. A staff who struggles to meet deadlines is sent for training. Although training is great for human capital development, it does not always produce a commensurate return on individual’s personal growth or organization’s investment.

When implemented, coaching for performance can significantly boost productivity across all tiers of an organization’s leadership. This is so because coaching for performance is designed to address specific performance issues that stop employees from maximizing potential.

The next tool is…

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is not the same as coaching for performance. Although both tools can accelerate performance and multiply productivity in a workplace, they require different approaches.

The challenges at senior management level are not functional; they are behavioural. Senior executives think strategically; they envision the future five to twenty years down the road. By the nature of their (strategic) roles, they make “crazy” decisions sometimes, about how to reach their exciting future. In pursuing their exciting visions sometimes, they behave in ways that make them suspects to their colleagues. Some of them drive results at the expense of building healthy relationships with their teams and clients. Interesting enough, none of their colleagues is courageous enough to tell “the emperor he has no dress on,” regardless of how disgruntled the colleagues may feel.

So, executive coaching offers the framework for senior executives to see clearly how the world perceives them. It helps them reflect on how their decisions and actions impact their colleagues, clients, and business as a whole. Sometimes, a simple feedback from an executive coach such as: “…You just said that you are driving change at all cost for the organization (for example), …is that what you truly mean?” can open a whole door of awareness for the senior executive to have a rethink.


Coaching for performance can turn an average employee into a high-performing talent. It can turn an organization into a high-performing environment having a high level of employee engagement also. The better part is that line managers and team leaders can learn coaching for performance skills, and coach subordinates to maximize potential. Having inspiring coaching conversations enhances engagement and personal accountability, and mobilizes employees to accelerate performance and growth.

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About the author

Since 2010, Nkem Mpamah has been assisting entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to improve performance, create sustainable competitiveness, and maximize profit. Nkem is the founder and Chief Executive of Cognition Global Concepts (CGC).

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