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Developing a Coaching Culture in Nigeria | PDF

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Coaching Culture in NigeriaDeveloping a coaching culture in Nigeria will no doubt contribute to economic growth of the Nigerian business sector.

In countries where coaching forms an integral part of organization’s strategy, CEOs, and small business owners accelerate growth faster. Such organizations leverage external and internal coaching to support leaders and managers improve performance. Developing a coaching culture in Nigerian businesses and organizations can make a fundamental difference in the following ways:

The Key benefits for a Coaching Culture in Nigeria

1. Enhanced team performance

Coaching unlocks both individuals and organizational capabilities for high performance. A good coaching process eliminates the blocks that impede performance and creates enhanced visibility for individuals to become more productive. While many leadership development programs do not deliver any real return on investment, a good coaching framework always results in a measurable performance when applied.

2. Change Management

With rapid changes in technology, customer choices, and the unstable political landscape, there is so much to worry about business. Nevertheless, a properly implemented coaching culture can ease worry and tension. It also provides a comprehensive support system for all levels of employees to seamlessly navigate through the transition of change.

3. Changes in Behaviour

Change is difficult, especially the change of an individual’s behaviour. Since fundamental behaviours are rooted deeply in personal experiences, upbringings, and belief systems, it is hardly possible for behaviours to change. They contribute to core values and greatly impact performance. Much of the workplace issues facing leaders and managers are behavioural. Whereas corporate coaching is suitable for modifying employee’s behaviours, it influences leaders and managers to adapt styles that serve them and their organizations better.

Given the volatile nature of today’s business environment, a carefully administered coaching culture can be everything leaders and managers need to make useful business decisions. In uncertain economic situations, entrepreneurs and corporate executives need enhanced clarity and confidence to execute actions and reach their vision. A coaching culture process can be highly effective for that purpose.

Just recently, a press release was published on the impact of a coaching culture in the Nigerian business environment. You can download PDF copy of the publication here, and learn more about the insights shared.

Feel free to share your thoughts about developing a coaching culture in Nigeria on the comment box below.

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Since 2010, Nkem Mpamah has been assisting entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to improve performance, create sustainable competitiveness, and maximize profit. Nkem is the founder and Chief Executive of Cognition Global Concepts (CGC).

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