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Breaking Entrepreneur’s Ceiling of Complexity

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The ceiling of complexityThe greatest problems facing all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial people across the globe can be summed up into one, the ceiling of complexity.

The ceiling of complexity is the combination of everything that stops entrepreneurs from growing their business from where they are now, to their next level. In practice, a ceiling of complexity places restrictions on the amount of revenue and profit entrepreneurs generate year after year. It also caps their growth, both personally and professionally and limits the quality of life they can live.

The Dynamics of the Ceiling of Complexity

If you are like many entrepreneurs, odds are that the more successful you are, the more cluttered your work-life becomes. Let me explain.

Suppose that you won a new contract, or entered into new business relationships. You’ll discover that each of these milestones creates an additional demand on you.

For example…

A new contract requires a new set of paperwork to start and finish. It imposes additional meeting hours and creates a need for extra cash flow and planning towards successful execution of the contract. Likewise, a new business relationship places additional demand on your time to nurture and grow the relationship. The sad reality is that as entrepreneurs become more successful, they add bits and pieces of complexities to their life and time.

The objective of the ceiling of complexity is to stagnate entrepreneurs from maximizing their highest possibilities. It does so by stopping them from producing beyond a certain level of annual income, say $250,000. Although they can see new $500,000 opportunities in front of them, they cannot figure out how to reach it with absolute clarity. Entrepreneurs often have too many “stuff” going on in their minds, which distracts them from thinking clearly and executing consistently. Being in a fog, many entrepreneurs go about their daily business with no clarity about a specific future they want to reach.

But different entrepreneurs respond to differently to the ceiling of complexity. While some work extra hard and long hours, others consider adding new lines of business an option. It turns out in practice that working extra hard or adding a new business creates additional complications and counter-productive results. The fact that ceiling of complexity keeps entrepreneurs in a fog means they can not think clearly or make the best business decision. So no matter how hard they work, their effort only bounces on and off the ceiling with no significant progress.

As a business coach to successful entrepreneurs and CEOs across the world, I discovered that this is the one fundamental problem that all entrepreneurs struggle with. In fact, apart from the ceiling of complexity, entrepreneurs do not have any problems at all.

The Way Out of The Ceiling of Complexity

The best strategy for breaking through the ceiling of complexity is to not work extra hard. Instead, entrepreneurs are advised to develop the capacity to work smart.

The first step is to sit down and develop a simple plan to deal with all the accumulated messes. Then set deadlines about when each plan should be accomplished, and develop accountability to just do it.

At The EntreCoachâ„¢ Program, there are lots of powerful tools and framework used by many entrepreneurs to creatively overcome their complexities and reach their next level with absolute clarity.

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About the author

Since 2010, Nkem Mpamah has been assisting entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to improve performance, create sustainable competitiveness, and maximize profit. Nkem is the founder and Chief Executive of Cognition Global Concepts (CGC).

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